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self knowledge for a happier life

Improving the quality of life for my students has been my goal for years.

I teach practical tools of  self-knowledge and independence in an accessible and online way.

The method combines a very ancient body of breathing techniques, meditation and body training centered on individual goals.

Beginner to advanced classes.

The methodology is based on 3 pillars


The first pillar is SwáSthya Yôga's arsenal of tools.

Our bodies talk to us all the time, and when you develop more body awareness you will be aware of the thousands of processes that take place when we train.

See your breath , we are always breathing, but we are not aware of the tremendous potential that  we waste by not breathing more consciously.

self study

Transform the information acquired in practical classes into knowledge .

Observing yourself throughout the day will give you many insights into yourself, and you will understand why we do what we do.

The second pillar is also an ethical precept of Yôga:  swádhyáya, self-study. 


The third pillar is the foundation of the other two : both techniques and conscious self-study require patience and dedication to be fully achieved.

Armed with focus and determination, you are ready to explore and eventually master your own body and mind.

The three pillars combined offer a multitude of positive consequences:

• Reduction in stress level
• Increased vitality
• Increased quality of life
• Strengthening the body
• Greater breathing capacity

• Improved creativity
• Greater concentration and focus 
  Reduction  n the depletion rate
• Less tensions


Want to take a trial class?


I have the best students in the world

In addition to being exceptional and very good with life, they did what took me years to do: take the first step towards a more lucid life, full of energy and directing their daily efforts to achieve their dreams.

team saude-147_edited.jpg

I love Mario's classes.

I've been doing it for over a year and I felt a lot of difference mainly in my anxiety and concentration.


I've used the breaths learned in class at various times in my life that were very useful.


I like the fact that he is a dynamic teacher, without being that classic Yôga teacher stereotype.

Dr. Flávia Cardozo

The true teacher defends his students against his own influence.

love alcott


Mario Dominowski

After having invested  almost a decade studying  Hindu philosophy,  have done  several specialization courses in the area and taught more than 500 students (and as long) to know themselves  more, manage stress and have more vitality in your routines,  I decided to make all my theoretical and practical material available so that you can study and practice whenever and wherever you can.  

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